Sing along

Would you like to sing famous choral repertoire, with excellent orchestras and in the major concert halls of the Netherlands? Would you welcome the challenge to also sing contemporary music? If you have a good voice, have choir experience and if you are between the ages of 18 and 60, you are most welcome to join us for a rehearsal.

An ambitious and welcoming choir

Toonkunstkoor Amsterdam is an ambitious choir of 80 advanced amateur singers. Our repertoire includes a wide variety of music; from lesser-known choral works to the established symphonic choral repertoire. Every year at Easter we perform the St. Matthew Passion of Bach: on Palm Sunday in Haarlem and on Good Friday in Amsterdam in The Concertgebouw. The performance of the St. Matthew Passion in The Concertgebouw is a tradition since 1899.

Our rehearsals are on Mondays from 19.30 – 22.00h in the Vrijburg-church, Diepenbrockstraat 46, Amsterdam. Our rehearsals are at a high level under the direction of conductor Boudewijn Jansen.

If you share our passion for singing and want to perform in a welcoming choir, we would like to hear from you. Applications for all voice sections are very welcome.


You can rehearse a maximum of three times without any obligation. If you decide to join us, we’ll schedule an appointment for an audition. You’ll audition with the conductor in the presence of a board member and the audition entails your vocal range, whether you sing in tune and are able to read sheet music. You’ll also be asked to sing a piece of music of your own choice.

Membership Fee

The annual membership fee is €305 (as of 2024).


If you want more information about joining us or want to make an appointment for an introduction or an audition, please contact Jacqueline La Rooy, M 06 53 94 75 15 or fill in the form.